Sunday, November 5, 2023

How could Disney World adapt to climate change and extreme weather?

For today's Sunday entertainment feature, I'm examining Disney World's challenges from climate change, the extreme weather it will increase, and what it will take to make the parks more sustainable. I begin with DNSY Newscast outlining The Future of WALT DISNEY WORLD's Extreme Weather - Disney News Explained.

The World is heading for a dramatic global temperature increase as result of the polar ice caps melting and sea levels rising. And not even The Most Magical Place on Earth can wish it away. So here is an in-depth analysis of how climate change is predicted to impact Walt Disney World by 2053 and what they will need to do to mitigate the biggest challenges.

Special thanks to Bright Sun Films, Hey Brickey, TPM Vids, Midway to Main Street, Drew The Disney Dude.
Fan and travel accounts like DSNY Newscast and those he thanked aren't the only ones to notice the climate projections for Orlando. WGRZ-TV in Buffalo uploaded Climate Minute - It's A Hot World After All in Disney World three years ago.

By far, the number one vacation booked this time of year is Disney World in Orlando, FL. Florida’s weather is a welcome reprieve from a Western New York winter with sunshine, warmth and some may even appreciate the humidity. But those hot and humid days are getting even more so because of climate change. A study from Climate Central projects that central Florida may see an extreme jump in 95 degree days in the next 80 years: from 6 days to an astounding 127 days.
Add Climate Central to First Street Foundation as a source predicting more days of higher temperatures for Disney World.

Jack reversed proximate cause and effect and ignored the ultimate cause in his video description. Higher temperatures will melt the ice caps, which will then raise sea levels. Higher temperatures are the result of increasing greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere because of burning fossil fuels. Disney is doing something to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels by investing in solar energy, which Jack of DSNY portrayed as an effort at energy independence. Rob Plays of Midway to Main Street examined this effort when he asked How Much Solar Energy Does Disney World Generate?

Disney owns a whole lot of land in Florida, a state that’s known as the sunshine state. It’s almost a perfect setup for solar power, and it’s why Disney has two solar farms. Today, let’s take a look at just how much solar energy they’re using, and where they can go from there.
Disney is doing what it can to reduce its part in contributing to the problem by working on solutions beyond mere adaptation. I just hope the replacement for the Reedy Creek Improvement District doesn't get in the way. I wouldn't put it past them and Ron DeSantis.

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