Thursday, November 2, 2023

Colbert, Meyers, and Kimmel take closer looks at Don Jr. testifying and DeSantis allegedly wearing lifts

I told my readers to "Stay tuned for non-holiday programming" yesterday, so I'm returning to some of my favorite sources today, beginning with Stephen Colbert asking Why is Ron DeSantis Wearing Lifts? | Donald Trump v. The People | Biden’s Chilling AI Warning.

Stephen tries out Gov. DeSantis’s cowboy boots trick, the former president’s five court cases are chasing him down the campaign trail, and the current president issued an executive order to protect us from the dangers of artificial intelligence.
I'm being a good environmentalist by recycling my commentary from 'SNL' satirizes Jim Jordan's losing bid for Speaker: "I haven't mentioned Ron DeSantis this month, so good for SNL bringing him up. He deserves this kind of attention." I think he probably needs the boost, based on these passages from The Daily Dot.
Many politicians’ heights are listed on their Wikipedia page. Not DeSantis. His Wikipedia contains no mention of his height. One site noted that estimates of his height vary from 5’9" to 6’2". Others say he’s closer to 5’7".

Height obviously has no bearing on a person’s ability to govern. It’s also true that taller candidates are more likely to win the U.S. presidency. DeSantis has faced an uphill climb in the polls ever since he announced his candidacy, as voters appear to prefer Trump.

But is it because of his height?
To answer the question, probably not, but it's fun to ask.

My comment on President Biden's AI executive order is that it wouldn't be the first time watching a movie prompted a U.S. President to act on an apocalyptic scenario. Ronald Reagan reacted to watching The Day After, acknowledging how terrible nuclear war would be, saying that nuclear weapons were there as deterrents, but eventually reaching an agreement with the USSR to reduce nuclear arsenals. Behold the power of entertainment!

I have nothing to say about Don Jr. testifying and his father's reaction that Seth Meyers said better in Trump Freaks Out as His Son Don Jr. Takes the Stand in New York Fraud Trial: A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer look at Donald Trump's son Don Jr. testifying in the Manhattan civil fraud trial that could cost the Trump family their entire business empire.
Pass the popcorn.

Jimmy Kimmel covered the same ground Colbert did and more in Don Jr. Gets Grilled in Court, Trump Plays Victim & Rober and Kimmel Teach Candy Thieves a Lesson.

Today marks the first day of November, Jimmy took his kids trick-or-treating last night, a kid from Arizona dressed up like Guillermo, Heidi Klum was a peacock for her annual Halloween party, Mitt and Anne Romney went as Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift, Donald and Melania partied it up at the Mar-A-Lago Halloween party, Donald Jr was being grilled today as part of the $250 million fraud case, Daddy Donny spent some time lashing out on Truth Social at the judge and he’s very busy trying to paint himself as the victim of a conspiracy masterminded by Joe Biden, the Biden Administration is cracking down on A.I. thanks in part to the Mission Impossible franchise, people continue to submit videos pretending to eat their kids’ Halloween candy despite us not asking for them, and evil genius Mark Rober stops by to teach criminal trick-or-treaters a lesson they’ll never forget.
I've written that I should embed Mark Rober's videos here. Consider this a down payment on that promise. Here's to hoping I remember next October, both for Wester and Halloween.

I might return with more Colbert tomorrow, as Adam Kinzinger was one of his guests last night. Stay tuned.

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