Saturday, November 25, 2023

Small Business Saturday from the Small Business Administration, KDKA, and National Day Calendar

Happy Small Business Saturday! I begin today's celebration, as I did six years ago, with a message from the U.S. Small Business Administration, #ShopSmall on Small Business Saturday, November 25!

Small businesses power America's economy. Support the job creators in your community and #ShopSmall on Saturday, November, 25 and throughout the holiday season.
While U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman isn't talking, that's her shopping in the preview image. Nice cameo!

KDKA (CBS Pittsburgh) interviewed SBA District Director Dr. Kelly Hunt in Small Business Saturday remains a big spending day for Americans.

Black Friday is almost over, but that doesn't mean holiday shopping is done. As KDKA-TV money editor Jon Delano reports, Small Business Saturday may be overtaking Black Friday as a big spending day for American consumers.
Dr. Hunt made such a good point about money being spent at a small local business staying in the community using the example of Little League or other youth sports sponsorships that I watched the video again just to hear it.

I conclude with National Day Calendar's new video for the day, SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY | November 25th - National Day Calendar.

Here's the description from the website.
Small Business Saturday reminds us of the prime shopping opportunities right in our own communities. Not only do the small businesses where we work, live, and play offer numerous gift-giving possibilities, they are hands-on and ready to complete your shopping list with quality, thoughtful gifts.

Every year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the Shop Small movement energizes small business owners to prepare for customers in every way possible. That includes the traditional brick-and-mortar customer and the online shopper. The single-day event continues to grow each year. That means business owners are ready for you to shop their stores!

Small businesses feed our communities. They keep our main streets thriving and employ nearly half of the American workforce. Supporting small businesses means you're supporting your local economy, local business, tax base, schools, and infrastructure. Your holiday shopping will put food on the tables of people you know.

You will be doing your community some good, and you will also be finding quality gifts. Small businesses take pride in their work. They've worked hard for their dream, and it shows in their craftsmanship.
Remember, shop small and local!

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