Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Recycling smarter and 'Plastic Time Bomb' wins an Emmy for America Recycles Day

Happy America Recycles Day! It's been a while since I wrote about the history of the day, so I'm sharing Enchanted Insights America Recycles Day (November 15), Activities and How to Celebrate America Recycles Day.

On America Recycles Day (November 15), EPA recognizes the importance and impact of recycling, which has contributed to American prosperity ...
Speaking of recycling, I'm repeating what I wrote on World Kindness Day: "Videos like this are why I subscribed to the channel and why I'm disappointed that the woman behind the channel no longer makes them. Sigh."

I'm sharing two videos so that my readers and I can recycle smarter, beginning with Daybreak learns all things recycling on America Recycles Day from WGRZ-TV in Buffalo.

What can and cannot be recycled discussed on Daybreak for America Recycles Day.
I enjoyed watching this hands-on demonstration and learned something from it. I learned more in 6abc Philadelphia's Sustainability ambassador talks about the importance of recycling and shows us some best practices.

A poll released found that 25% of Americans say they do not do a good job at recycling, partly because they do not know what can be recycled.
As I last wrote in Franz Nopcsa, 'The Gay Palaeontologist Spy Who Discovered Transylvanian Dwarf Dinosaurs', "It's always a good day when I learn something new. I hope my readers agree." I also hope my readers and I recycle smarter after watching these videos.

Follow over the jump for an Emmy winner about what happens when people don't recycle smarter.

I was happy to be wrong about the prediction I made about the "Plastic Time Bomb" episode of In Real Life at the beginning of Outstanding Science, Technology or Environmental Coverage nominees cover plastics, the Amazon, school surveillance, and mental health.
This is a video I can recommend to my students, as it serves as examples of all four of Commoner's Laws: Everything is connected to everything else; there is no away; there is no free lunch; and nature knows best. It's even the right length at 22 minutes, the minimum duration for video extra credit.

This is one of two nominations for Newsy. The other is In Real Life: The New Death, which earned a nomination for Outstanding Soft Feature Story: Long Form. Neither is widely watched. In Real Life: Plastic Time Bomb has 4,167 views while In Real Life: The New Death has even fewer, 2,499 views. That doesn't bode well for either of their chances of winning.
Surprise! It won! Congratulations! I can now recommend this video to my students as an Emmy winner!

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