Thursday, November 30, 2023

R.I.P. Henry Kissinger, 1923-2023

I told my readers "Stay tuned for the final post for November 2023, which should be more late-night comedians commenting on current events" yesterday, but I wasn't feeling it, so I changed my plans. Instead, I'm being more serious by sharing MBSNC reporting Henry Kissinger, foreign policy advisor to multiple presidents, dead at 100.

Henry Kissinger, who served Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford and was consulted by presidents of both parties on international issues throughout his life, has died at the age 100. Lester Holt reports.
I'm ambivalent about Kissinger, but not about his passing. On the one hand, he was a powerful and influential figure who shaped the world I grew up in and I feel I have to acknowledge that. With him gone, it feels like an era has passed away with him. On the other hand, it was time for that era to end. Kissinger lived a long and successful life, one longer than I expect to have, and if he felt no regrets about it, good for him. I shall shed no tears for the man. Rest in peace and good riddance.

I plan on staying serious for the first post of December, which will observe World AIDS Day. Sorry, no comedy tomorrow, either. Maybe Saturday and definitely Sunday with highlights of tomorrow's episode of Saturday Night Live. Stay tuned.

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