Sunday, June 21, 2020

Happy Father's Day on World Giraffe Day

Happy Father's Day to my readers! For this year's celebration, I'm neither being light by writing about Star Wars baby names — The Social Security Administration still hasn't released 2019's baby names — nor dark by writing about falling U.S. birth and fertility rates; I'm not feeling it today. Instead, I'm observing the holiday by sharing History of Father’s Day – The Origins & Why Do We Celebrate It by Dad University.

The history of Father's Day is important as we celebrate fatherhood and father's influence on society. The origins go back to 1909 & 1910 when significant events happened to shape the meaning of Father's Day.

Through depression, war, and numerous presidents, Father's Day finally became a federal holiday in many, many years after it's first inception.

Learn about the origins and history of Father's Day and what it means today. Don't forget to comment and share how you like to spend Father's Day.
It's about time I shared something educational about the history of the holiday itself.

Today is also World Giraffe Day, so follow over the jump for two videos celebrating the tallest mammal on what is usually the longest day of the year.

San Diego Zoo Kids celebrated World Giraffe Day a bit late two years ago, but not too late for me to share it this year.

Meet the San Diego Zoo's Masai Giraffe herd as we celebrate World Giraffe Day!
Finally, the San Antonio Zoo uploaded a combined celebration of both Father's Day and World Giraffe Day in A Serenade for Giraffes!

Today is World Giraffe Day and Father's day! To celebrate both of these special days, San Antonio Symphony played a little something for our giraffe dad Alan and his two sons, Cosmo and Brayden. Enjoy this excerpt from George Gershwin's Promenade (Walking the Dog) performed by Symphony clarinetist Stephanie Key.
I hope my readers appreciated the music.

Once again, Happy Father's Day on World Giraffe Day!

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