Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dream Cruise Week of 2012 kicks off

As I observed yesterday:
Of course, holding the Green Cruise means the Dream Cruise is coming up. I couldn't resist last year's celebration of "Happy Motoring--for now--from Detroit!" I don't think I can resist this year, either. Expect me to cover it a lot this coming week.
WXYZ is making it easy for me. Just like last year, the station is taking full advantage of its sponsorship of the Woodward Dream Cruise, posting lots of clips to its YouTube channel.

The coverage begins with Mary Conway, "The Queen of Cars,"* gushing over the refurbished classic cars on display before the Dream Cruise Kick-Off Breakfast.

Next, Conway goes inside to cover the Dream Cruise Committee Kick-Off Breakfast itself. Note that she's highlighting Chevrolet, another sponsor.

Here's an extended version of the above. Here, the on-air staff makes it clear that WXYZ is hosting the event, both the breakfast and the display of cars--simultaneous self-promotion and cross-promotion.

Finally, here is the first report from Woodward and 13 Mile showing the first car enthusiasts out on the street.

*That title comes from this video announcing her leaving the station.

"The Queen of Cars" is the perfect title to give someone who so obviously loves automobiles. Farewell and Godspeed!

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