Monday, August 13, 2012

Green Cruise 2012

I made a promise in my entry about the Green Cruise in Ferndale.
My goal now is to own a bike and get back in shape so that I can ride in the Green Cruise next year. Failing that, I can always walk. I love to walk, especially in a walkable neighborhood like West 9 Mile in Ferndale. Doing so as part of an event promoting a good cause would be a bonus.
I still haven't bought a bike, which means I'll put that on my list of resolutions for next year. I also didn't walk in the Green Cruise, as other more pressing matters came up that day. That's also on my list for next year. So is buying a membership to the Detroit Zoo and visiting the DIA, which is now free to residents of Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland counties. But enough of my sustainability wish list.

Even though I didn't participate, I can still watch the highlights of the parade, thanks to the City of Ferndale, which posted this video to their YouTube channel.

The Great, Friendly, Fashionable & Proud city of Ferndale Mich 48220 Supports our Future. The Sierra Club organizes the Green Cruise every Year The week Prior the Gas Guzzling of the Dream Cruise. The Largest Glorification in the world of the unefficent Energy use of the Automobile.
As a bonus feature, here is the City of Ferndale's video of last year's cruise.

Be a Solution to Stop Pollution .. celebrating the many forms of human-powered transit that help keep you and the planet healthy.
Saturday, August 13, 2011
Downtown Ferndale Michigan
I'm sorry I missed that one, too.  It looked really sweet.

Of course, holding the Green Cruise means the Dream Cruise is coming up. I couldn't resist last year's celebration of "Happy Motoring--for now--from Detroit!" I don't think I can resist this year, either. Expect me to cover it a lot this coming week.

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