Friday, August 3, 2012

Yesterday's election news from WXYZ

While I'm working on an article on Planned Parenthood's endorsements, here's the first of two installments of videos from WXYZ about the election next Tuesday. First, Poll shows movement in senate and presidential races.

Link to story at WXYZ website: EXCLUSIVE POLL: Obama back in front, Hoekstra holds big lead on Durant.

Next, yesterday's news about local congressional races.

POLL: Cassis, Upton lead their districts

The race to replace former Livonia Congressman Thaddeus McCotter is lining up nicely for former State Senator Nancy Cassis. Meanwhile the attempt to unseat a popular West Michigan Congressman appears to be failing.
For the details at WXYZ's website, see EXCLUSIVE POLL: Nancy Cassis, Fred Upton lead in closely watched Congressional districts.

There's also an earlier video focusing on the freakshow that is the 11th District--at least the GOP half of it. The Democratic primary seems to be flying under the radar.

Race for McCotter's Seat

For a preview of the WXYZ's video's for today, see EXCLUSIVE POLL: Conyers and Peters take big leads in new districts. The 14th District primary is finally getting the attention it deserves, with only a week to go. Sweet.

Finally, there is a millage vote to support the Detroit Institute of Arts. That deserves a post of its own, but for now, watch this video.

The battle over the DIA millage is playing out between both sides of the issue.
It should come as no surprised, based on what I've written about local libraries, that I'm in favor of the millage.

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