Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Dream Cruise attracts visitors: Saturday at the 2012 Dream Cruise, Part 2

Here's that "post reviewing WXYZ's reporting about how the Dream Cruise fuels tourism" I promised in part 1. First, Kim Russell of WXYZ describes how the Dream Cruise attracts a million visitors from all over the U.S. and the developed world each year and interviews a couple of the more dedicated ones in Dream Cruise visitors.

Check out all the automotive attraction they list. I used to live near one of them--Michigan International Speedway AKA M.I.S. I was so close that I could not only hear the cars race, I could tell which kind were going around the track. Stock cars rumble; Indy cars whine.

Russell demonstrates the international nature of the event by interviewing a couple of Canadians.

Not all visitors come from far away; some are from right next door. Just to show love of cars isn't just a guy thing, Russell talks to a couple from Madison Heights whose love of cars brought them closer together.

How sweet!

The next post about Dream Cruise, if not the next post period, will be Saturday evening's coverage by WXYZ. Stay tuned.

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