Sunday, August 19, 2012

Friday at the 2012 Dream Cruise

I had a very busy day yesterday, which kept me from posting an update on the Dream Cruise after succumbing to the urge to write about how I got to be a precinct delegate. To make up for that, here are WXYZ's video reports on Friday at the Dream Cruise.

Mary Conway outdoes herself in effervesing over the colorful classic cars on display in Countdown to the cruise.

One of the things Conway's interviewee highlighted in this interview is the democratic nature of the Dream Cruise. The event is like the Rose Parade, except that any ordinary person with an extraordinary love of cars and a cool car to match can participate. As for Conway herself, I'll join the presenters in the studio in saying that I'll miss her.

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Conway begins Dream Cruise Eve by reinforcing the point about the popular nature of the Dream Cruise.

Not only is this weekend Mary Conway's swan song, it's also the farewell for longtime popular anchor Diane Lewis. Good thing the weather finally cooperated in giving them both a weekend to remember. At least it wasn't hot like the past two months nor stormy like last year's event.

I blundered into the preparations for Dream Cruise Eve in Berkley. In fact, I drove right through the intersection behind Glenda Lewis, maybe even as she was speaking. No, you can't see my car. :-P

People already had their chairs lined up along the mile-and-a-half of 12 Mile from Woodward to Greenfield. I didn't come back that way, but I'm sure it was a great event.  Instead, I got to watch motorcycles jump over the Monster Energy Drink truck.  That was something I don't see every day.

I was expecting to see Conway cruising with her family in Conway Family Cruise. Instead, we got to hear about other families cruising. Hey, it's all good.


Glenda Lewis looks like she's ready to take over for Conway here in Woodward Avenue cruising, where she riffs on the family theme.

Finally, cruisers won't have to contend with the weather, but they will still have other environmental hazards, such as West Nile Virus. Cheryl Chodun reports.

It's not just Texas that's having problems. One woman where I used to live in Washtenaw County has died from the disease.

That's it for Friday. Stay tuned for Saturday's reports.

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