Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Examiner.com article on Green Party candidates

Green Party Candidate for U.S. Senate Chris Wahmhoff.

Michigan Green Party nominates pipeline protester for U.S. Senate
This past weekend, the Green Party of Michigan held its convention in Detroit to nominate its nominees for federal, state, and local offices ranging from U.S. Senator and Governor down to Trustee for Washtenaw Community College and announced the candidates on its website Monday.

Among the nominees is one who is willing to stand up for his political and environmental convictions.  Chris Wahmhoff, who is the Green Party of Michigan nominee for U.S. Senate, spent his thirty-fifth birthday skating inside a pipeline under construction in Marshall to protest tar sands.  He faced trespassing charges that have since been dismissed.

Wahmhoff followed in the footsteps of 2012 Green Party nominee for President Jill Stein, who had been arrested for trespassing during a protest against the Keystone XL pipeline in the middle of her election campaign two years ago.

Wahmhoff, who will be facing Democrat Gary Peters, Republican Terri Lynn Land, and Libertarian Jim Fulner, along with likely nominees from the U.S. Taxpayers Party and Natural Law Party, joins ten other candidates who will appear on Washtenaw County ballots in November.
If Wahmhoff looks familiar, he should.  He was the star of Civil disobedience against tar sands in Marshall, Michigan, where I misspelled his name as Wahmoff (in my defense, so did WOOD-TV) and then had a cameo in Eleven charged in protests against tar sands pipeline, where I spelled his name properly.  In the first entry, I wrote "I hope Wahmoff has a good lawyer.  He'll need one."  It looks like he got one, as the charges were dismissed.

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