Monday, September 22, 2014

Marching bands of the zombie apocalypse, the sequel

I concluded Climate and environment news from Colorado State University by telling my readers to "Stay tuned for the Sunday evening entertainment entry."  I just returned from Colorado and I'm tired, so forgive me if I mail it in with a sequel to Marching bands of the zombie apocalypse.  Here are the marching bands I missed from last week's entry.

First, Clark Band UIL Infected Performance 10-12-13.

In case you're wondering about the last selection, "Mad World" fits right in with "The Walking Dead."  Here's The Walking Dead Promo A Mad World for the second half of last season.  Yes, it's official.

Follow over the jump for more of last year's "The Marching Dead."

Next, Anna High School 3A Marching Band October 12, 2013 at Princeton, TX.

Anna High School 3A Marching Band October 12, 2013. "How to survive the Zombie Apocalypse." Sounds of Fall Marching Classic in Princeton, TX. 7th place winner of top 10 finalists.
That's a fifth band from Texas.  I'm not done, as number six was Boerne High School Marching Band Region 11 UIL Marching Contest 2013.

The Greyhound Marching Band competed at the Region 11 UIL Marching Contest at Barry Field in Hondo, Texas. They earned a rating of Straight First Divisions (sweepstakes) continuing their 4 year sweepstake streak.
The 2013 marching show is entitiled "How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse" by Gary P. Gilroy and Aaron Hines.
These shows are starting to run into each other, especially these last two, which seem to have identical music, although very different visual programs.

It turns out I found a seventh Texas high school band with this same theme, Hastings "Big Bear Band" Zombie Apocalypse Half-Time Show.

Too bad it was only the first song.  Despite the repetition of the same music as all the rest, it looked promising.

As for why so many bands this week and last had the same music and show theme, I think someone was selling and all of them were buying.

That's it for Texas bands.  There are more bands from other states I'll feature in future installments.

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