Oregon Tea Party Protest

Then, the Oregon Tea Party started printing the slogan on their bumper stickers.


Yesterday, all this came to light.  Over on Reddit, user choochy posted the image of the bumper sticker above with the comment Found this on my conservative parent's fridge. It is real.
There was some skepticism, but user Tissues2 pointed out the following.
Actually look real
An internet meme just escaped into the real world. It's like Tron in reverse.
Another user, strolls, elaborated.
It obviously has a lot of users, logging on regularly to post comments.
So people realized that the bumper sticker was legit and so was the group.
By the way, keep those Reddit users' ability to read the Oregon Tea Party's site yesterday in your memory.  It will come in handy.

Some Anonymous person then emailed the Oregon Tea Party to see if the sticker really was legit.  Here is the response.

Oregon Tea Party Email

At this point, technology sites started paying attention. Geekosystem picked up the story, followed by The Next Web, and finally Gawker.

This meant that 4Chan, one of the homes of Anonymous, found out as well.  That's when the fun started.

If any of you are familiar with Anonymous, you know they are
a bunch of trolls and script kiddies(ETA: also intrepid crusaders against Scientology--Anonymous has a good side as well) who will go after anyone.  In fact, it was someone from Anonymous who hacked into Sarah Palin's email account during the 2008 campaign.  They do not like it when anyone impedes their ability to have fun, and they will stop at nothing to have their fun.  So, you can probably guess what happened to the Oregon Tea Party's Facebook page.

By 2:50 PM, Anonymous was flooding the wall of the Oregon Tea Party with macros, desus, and flames.

Oregon Tea Party Facebook 1

By 4:33, the Oregon Tea Party had had enough.
Oregon Tea Party Facebook 2

By midnight, all comments had been wiped off the Oregon Tea Party's Facebook Wall.  Tonight, the Oregon Tea Party's Facebook page page is apparently no more.  Click on the link; you'll be directed to Facebook's main page.

Oh, and as for the ability to read the Oregon Tea Party's Ning page, that's no more as well.  Here is what you will get for your trouble.

Oregon Tea Party Login

Anonymous 1, Oregon Tea Party 0.