Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Final Heal post: MSU on malaria

While I've been busy blogging about Ebola, I've been ignoring malaria.  Except for a brief mention in Third American doctor infected and other Ebola news, I haven't written it about since An interlude about malaria in January.  Michigan State University has given me the opportunity to revisit the disease in MSU doctor solves deadly mystery of malaria; will lead to life-saving treatments.

Cerebral malaria is the deadliest type of malaria and kills more than one-half million children under age five each year. However, knowing how it kills has eluded physicians from finding a treatment for centuries, until now. In groundbreaking research, Michigan State University’s Dr. Terrie Taylor and Dr. Karl Seydel, have found that children who die from cerebral malaria have massively swollen brains.
It's about time I mentioned Terrie Taylor here, although I've linked to four Examiner.com articles I've written about her, the ones that describe malaria as "a disease that infects at least 350 million people each year and kills about one million of them, mostly children in Sub-Saharan Africa" and one about an award she's earned "MSU Physician wins AMA Foundation Excellence in Medicine Award."   She deserved it.

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