Friday, September 12, 2014

No Ebola in Windsor

In my comment to Technological Superstitions at The Archdruid Report, I passed along this bit of news.
Ebola may already be spreading through travel. There is a patient exhibiting Ebola-like symptoms in a hospital in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, right across the river from Detroit.  That's very close to home, literally.
I learned about it from this WXYZ news report: Ebola scare in Windsor.

I should have kept following that story, as the information was out-of-date before I posted it over at Greer's blog.  The headline of WXYZ's follow-up says it all: Officials say Windsor, Ontario patient does not have Ebola.  Whew.

Just the same, local hospitals are preparing, as WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids reports in Spectrum Health preps for unlikely Ebola.

The deadly Ebola epidemic is a long way from Grand Rapids, but the city's largest hospital is prepared for the unlikely event that it does.
I'm glad the hospital is prepared.  Just the same, I hope, its staff never has to actually treat the disease.  That will mean that the epidemic has reached Michigan.

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