Friday, February 6, 2015

First article of 2015: 2014 election stories in review

Of the five most popular Washtenaw County election articles on Facebook last year, three were about underdogs.  Number one among them was a report about Chris Wahmhoff, Green Party nominee for U.S. Senate.
Top elections stories of 2014 about underdogs, endorsements, millages
With 2015 already into its second month, it is well past time to look at the top Washtenaw County election stories of 2014 before moving on to this year's election news.  Based on the number of Facebook shares and likes, five stories stood out, the top three of which shared a common theme, underdogs in last year's general election.

The other two were about favorites.  One was about the candidates endorsed by Detroit's major daily newspapers, while the other was about a millage proposal.  Both the endorsees and the millage proposal went on to crushing wins.
If there is a take-home message from last year's top stories, it is that popularity on Facebook does not necessarily translate to success at the ballot box. That's a good lesson to take into 2015.
More on each of the top stories, plus a slideshow and a photo of Jill Stein announcing for 2016, at the link.

I was days away from losing my ability to publish on  I feel relieved that I managed to publish an article and retain my position.

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