Friday, February 6, 2015

'Selva Verde': Video and blog link

I've had two requests from my students this semester.  First, do I blog about "Selva Verde: The Green Jungle" here the way I blog about "The End of Suburbia," "Food, Inc.," and "An Inconvenient Truth?"  Second, do I know of any uploads of the video to YouTube?  Until recently, the answer to both was no.  Now, it's yes.

I have one entry about "Selva Verde," This week's topics: models and species interactions from a year ago today, which shows videos related to the sloth-algae-moth symbiosis and to jaguar predation.  I haven't even posted the worksheet, although I'm working on it (not today, but stay tuned).

As for the YouTube upload, my students and I have looked.   Only last October did the PBS show Nature upload a copy of the show to its own YouTube channel: Selva Verde: The Green Jungle (1985).

Selva Verde: The Green Jungle | Season 4 | Episode 5 | November 17, 1985 | Narrated by George Page

Wildlife in the massive Central American rain forest stretching across parts of Belize, Costa Rica and Panama. Observed: three-toed sloths, army ants and a jaguar.
Most of the film is just a nature documentary, but the last few minutes is appropriately doomy enough for this blog.  Fortunately, things have not turned out as badly as people thought 30 years ago--so far.

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