Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Monthly meta 2: top ten entries for January 2015

I wasn't done reporting the monthly meta when I wrote about the blog passing 400,000 page views.  Every month during the past year, I've posted the ten most viewed entries of the month at this blog's Facebook page.  That's a habit I've decided to transfer over to the blog.  It's also a modified revival of the weekly summaries I did during the first year of the blog, a habit worth resuming.

Follow over the jump for a countdown of this month's top ten.

January was a very good month for the back catalog, with seven of the top ten on the last day of the month coming from previous months and an eighth one sneaking in once the month was over.  I hope that doesn't say anything about the quality of the past month's posts in comparison.

In tenth place until yesterday with 81 page views is A conversation with Kunstler and his readers on militarized police, an entry that earned its place with only normal social media promotion. It was also the third most read among entries actually posted in January.

The current 10th place entry is MAVEN to Mars and other space and astronomy news, a blast from the past that earned 84 page views on its own, with a little boost from being posted on a Throwback Thursday.

The ninth most read entry of last month is Space news for Apophis Day, another space news post from the back catalog that earned page views on its own, only later getting a boost from being featured on Throwback Thursday.  It earned 88 page views in January.

The eighth most read entry during last month is Sustainability through the looking glass with Jeff Wattrick of Wonkette, a humor post I promoted at Greer's blog.  That earned it 89 page views during January.

Power from poop was the seventh most read entry of January and the second most read among those actually posted last month with 95 page views.  I promoted it at Greer's blog in response to his current challenge.  I'm going to have to follow up with a complete entry for the contest.

At number six with 148 page views in January is A conversation with The Archdruid about Objectivism, Satanism, and the GOP, an entry from the back catalog that I promoted at Greer's blog.  It was enough to move it back onto the all time top ten and then move it from tenth place to seventh place with 776 page views total, throwing "Second Year of Crazy Eddie's Motie News: Examiner.com" off the top ten.

The fifth most read entry of the past month and the most read entry actually posted during the month is Doomsday Clock advanced to 11:57, an entry I promoted at both Greer's and Kunstler's blogs.  That earned it 172 page views.

The fourth most read entry is Game of Thrones D&D character alignment charts, another one from the back catalog that earned its 191 page views on its own, getting a boost from Throwback Thursday only after it had gained traction.

The third most read entry is Corn questions from 'Food, Inc.' worksheet, which has been in the top ten for four consecutive months since it was posted in October with only normal social media promotion in October and being featured in Throwback Thursday at least once a month.  This month, it earned 208 page views.  Since October, the total has been 803 page views according to the raw counter.  It might end up on the all time top ten list one of these days.  It certainly will be in the top ten when I do my annual retrospective in March.

The number two entry is one that I promoted at Greer's blog to surprising effect.  Ayn Rand on love and sex earned 363 page views in January.  That was enough to catapult it into tenth place on the top ten all time list with 648 page views (1105 according to the raw counter), replacing "The New York Times reports on Troy's problems," the most read entry during the first year of the blog.

The number one entry and the winner of the back catalog trophy is The Sustainability Dozen: how to live more simply, another entry I promoted at Greer's blog.  That alone earned it 421 page views.  Impressive.

That's it for this month.  Crazy Eddie's Motie News will now resume its regular programming.

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