Monday, February 2, 2015

Monthly meta: 400,000 page views

Today, this blog passed 400,000 total page views.   I missed posting when the blog passed 300,000 page views on May 25th, eight months and one week ago.  I did document the previous milestone of passing 200,000 page views in Hottest month so far on Crazy Eddie's Motie News on August 31, 2013, eight months and three weeks before that.  At least my blog is still increasing its rate of earning page views, although not as quickly as it did between November 2012 and August 2013, when it took nine months and three weeks to go from 100,000 page views to 200,000.  At this pace, this blog should pass 500,000 page views within a few days of Halloween this year.  As long as every month has more page views than the same month a year earlier, that should be no problem.  So far, that's always been the case.

Speaking of which, January 2015 had 11,721 page views, 621 more than the 11,050 during January of last year.  For February 2015, I have to get at least 10,169 page views to be up month over month from last February.  I'm shooting for 10,192, an average of 364 per day.  Stay tuned and wish me luck.

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