Wednesday, January 4, 2017

NASCAR Green: Student Sustainability Video Festival 67

NASCAR is not considered an environmentally friendly sport.  In fact, its reputation is so bad that James Howard Kunstler has repeatedly derided it as a symbol of what he dislikes about modern America.  That written, its image may not reflect reality, something one of my students shared when he included the following two videos from NASCAR.*

First, NASCAR Green - Sustainability & Responsibility.

That was where the sport was more than four years ago.  NASCAR Green - An Industry Effort shows where it is four years later.

It's corporate PR that shows a contrary view to the conventional wisdom, but it's no worse than a pro-hunting documentary, Trailer Tails on on trucks, or fuel-efficient airliners.  I enjoyed all of them.

*Three years ago, I shared my experience living near a racetrack.
I used to live close enough to Michigan International Speedway that I could not only hear the cars race, I could tell what kind of cars were on the track.  Stock cars produced a low roar, while open-wheel (Indy) cars gave off a high-pitched whine.  I got a good deal of the race experience just from where I used to live, although I never went to the track.  Just watching the traffic, which took nearly 24 hours to clear out, was enough for me.  It was worse than living in Ann Arbor and dealing with football game traffic, and I coped with that for 10 years.  Just the same, I got a bit of dopamine and adrenaline boost just from living near MIS.
Despite my complaining, it was better than the other experiences I listed in Science confirms my opinion of life in the country.

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