Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Razzie nominations confirm my guesses as to worst speculative fiction movies of 2016

I made three Razzies predictions last year.  The first was an aside near the end of 'Zootopia' remains on top of the box office for a second week after displacing 'Deadpool'.
I wouldn't be surprised of 'Gods of Egypt' gets nominated for a half-dozen Razzies next year; it looks like their kind of film.
  The second was in the follow-up 'Superman vs. Batman' buries 'Zootopia' in rubble
"Dawn of Justice" may end up with the same kind of dubious distinction "Fifty Shades of Grey" earned--nominated for both an Oscar (Special Effects) and at least one Razzie (Worst Reboot/Ripoff/Sequel).
I tossed the third off in the middle of Speculative fiction movie nominees at the 2016 Teen Choice Awards, Part 2.
That's one prediction.  The other isn't about these awards, but the Razzies.  Four of these movies are sequels or remakes and at least two of them will be nominated for "Worst Remake/Ripoff or Sequel."  My money is on "Ghostbusters" and "Independence Day: Resurgence."  "Ghostbusters" will be undeserved as the work of misogynists stuffing the ballot box, while "Independence Day" will deserve the dishonor.
It turns out I called all but "Ghostbusters," which I didn't want to be nominated for a Razzie in the first place.  Wochit Entertainment has the story in Golden Razzies Name And Shame Crappiest Movies, Actors Of 2017.

The Oscars are the most celebrated awards during this season of praise. However, Oscars season also marks the arrival of the annual Golden Raspberry Awards, otherwise known as The Razzies. The Razzies mark the worst movies of the past year. So, which pictures were nominated? According to ScreenRant.com, 'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice,' 'Dirty Grandpa,' 'Gods of Egypt', 'Independence Day: Resurgence,' 'Zoolander No. 2', and the documentary 'Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party' were deemed the worst of the worst of 2017. And Ben Affleck, Ben Stiller, and even Robert DeNiro got nods for the Worst Actor category. Ouch!
I managed to forecast all the speculative fiction nominees for worst film.  Following the Razzies closely since 2014 has certainly given me a good sense of what the Razzie voters "like!"

As for the rest of the nominations, Entertainment Weekly has those.  I may get back to them.  In the meantime, the Oscar nominees will be out shortly.  I'll be checking to see if "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" gets an Oscar nomination to go along with its eight Razzie nominations as I also predicted.  Stay tuned.


  1. And Ben Affleck, Ben Stiller, and even Robert DeNiro got nods for the Worst Actor category. Ouch!

    I don't know why these guys aren't a little more discriminating about choosing roles. A buck is a buck I guess. Hopefully they donate their salaries from the stinkers to a good charity.

    1. My experience with the Razzies is that the actors are usually the victims of bad writing. That's certainly the case for Ben Affleck, who played a Batman written to be a lot dumber and easier to manipulate than he should be. It didn't help that he was up against a Lex Luthor written to be much loonier than he should be as well. My wife and I agreed he wasn't Lex Luthor, who should be colder and more openly calculating, but a more organized version of The Joker who had a goal beyond "watching the world burn."

      As for Ben Stiller, he had to be in the "Zoolander" sequel, as he was in the original. Too bad both he and DeNiro were in films that prove the adage "there is nothing less funny than a bad comedy."