Saturday, February 6, 2021

Bill Maher recognizes Henry Waxman's long career of public service with the first Baldy Award

Last week, Bill Maher and his crew at "Real Time" recognized former Representative Henry Waxman in New Rule: The Baldy Awards.

Bill's "bringing unsexy back" with a new award honoring dull, dedicated civil servants who know how to make actual progress, as opposed to doing progressive theater.
For my reaction, I'm sharing my comment to Infidel753's Video of the day -- tantrums vs achievement, which features this video: "I'm proud to say that Henry Waxman was my mom's representative in Congress for at least a decade. That's why I recognized him immediately." Infidel753 replied "Waxman's been an achiever for a long time. I remember reading about his efforts on the early AIDS epidemic, when there was still widespread resistance to real action." This Crazy Eddie approves, both of Waxman's long career of public service and of "Real Time" recognizing it. Here's to this award being continued and a new member of Congress being honored next year.

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