Friday, February 26, 2021

Inside Edition explains Purim

Happy Purim! As I did for Hanukkah, the other Jewish holiday I celebrate on this blog, I'm turning to Inside Edition to explain the holiday. Watch as the syndicated infotainment newsmagazine asks and answers What Is Purim?

Falling one month before Passover, the Jewish holiday of Purim is little-understood. “Purim is the strangest and most upside down day on the Jewish calendar,” Rabbi Menachem Creditor, Scholar in Residence at the UJA-Federation of New York, told Inside Edition Digital. “It's a day that we dress up in costumes, we read a scroll called the Scroll of Esther about a story that supposedly happened in Persia with heroes and villains, and we eat strange food. It's a really fun day."
I'll repeat what I wrote about Inside Edition's treatment of Hanukkah as my first comment.
After summarizing the history, Rabbi Creditor did a good job of explaining modern practices, especially in America. I'm glad Inside Edition, which is not the hardest news source, interviewed him for this video. He made it not only more credible, but informative and entertaining.
Yes, Inside Edition returned to the same expert for Purim that they interviewed for Hanukkah. I'm not the only person who believes in recycling and reusing.

Second, I'm going to follow up on what I wrote last year: "Maybe I'll redo My three favorite Israeli actresses for Purim and write another post for my favorite Indian or Indian-American actresses as well on Holi. I have a year to think about it." I thought about it, but then saw the Inside Edition video and decided building the entry around the Inside Edition video would be easier. After all, this blog is a hobby and I have work to do.*

I close this post by recycling what I wrote in 2015, six years ago: "I don't celebrate Purim anywhere else but on this blog, but I'm all in favor of fun holidays and this one certainly qualifies. Happy Purim!"

*That doesn't mean I have given up on the idea for Holi, which falls on March 29 this year. I might still do it if Inside Edition doesn't make a video for the Hindu holiday this year. Who knows? It could happen.

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