Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Paczki Day during a pandemic

Happy Paczki Day AKA Fat Tuesday! I begin today's celebration with MLive's One minute history of the Paczki.

Learn the history of the once-a-year pastry treat synonymous with Fat Tuesday, otherwise known as Paczki day in Michigan. Just don't call this calorie juggernaut a doughnut.
1000 calories — wow! As I first wrote in 2014, "After discovering paczki when I moved to Michigan 25 (now 32) years ago, I finally knew why today is called Fat Tuesday."

That's the history. What about today as the holiday is being celebrated during the pandemic? WXYZ has that story in Paczki Day during the pandemic: Local bakeries make big adjustments.

It's a time-honored tradition for metro Detroit bakeries, and a day that usually draws in big crowds for small businesses. We're of course talking about Paczki Day.
Those paczki look delicious, but I'm going to abstain again, not only because of the pandemic and my diabetes, but also the snow Jenn Schanz mentioned. I couldn't get out of the house even if I wanted to!

Metro Detroit isn't the only place taking precautions during the pandemic and adapting their celebrations. CBS This Morning reported on how New Orleans is trying to celebrate safely in Mardi Gras celebrations restricted following last year's super-spreader event.

Citing concerns following last year's super-spreader event, New Orleans officials have restricted Mardi Gras celebrations and banned alcohol sales in the French Quarter through next Tuesday. David Begnaud reports.
Hamtramck looks less disrupted than New Orleans, something I never thought I'd write here. We here in Michigan seem to be dealing with social distancing measures better and we're used to the snow and cold, which New Orleans isn't. Speaking of the weather, I plan on writing about the winter storm and its connection to the changing climate tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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