Sunday, April 18, 2021

Colbert, Meyers, and Kimmel take more closer looks at Matt Gaetz

When I wrote "I'm sure I'll have more to write about GaetzGate," I thought both that I would use serious news sources to tell the story and that they would concentrate solely on the story. Nope to both. Once again, I'm using late night talk show hosts making the scandal the shiny object to get people to watch them and their monologues start and end about other subjects. It worked on me.

In the case of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert's Venmo Records Reveal Ridiculous Attempts To Hide Cash-For-Sex Scheme, the clip begins with Stephen describing Joe Biden going after Russia and Vladimir Putin and ends with the possibility of Japan canceling this summer's already delayed Olympics because of the pandemic.

Stephen's ongoing investigation into "Gaetz-Gaete" takes a look at the not-so-subtle Venmo notations that Florida congressman Matt Gaetz's associate used when allegedly sending money to women in exchange for sex.
Stephen is right; the labels used on the Venmo transactions were too on the nose. He missed the one sent to the then-17-year-old labeled "Food." Gaetz's associate Joel Greenberg may as well have used "Candy."

As for Canadian Batman being polite, I guess Stephen and his writers forgot about Wolverine, the most famous Canadian superhero. Also, don't know if they've seen Canadians at hockey games. I have and they should.

Late Night with Seth Meyers' The FBI Seized Matt Gaetz’s Phone Amid Sex Trafficking Investigation: A Closer Look had more focus, but it was just as much concerned with conservative backlash against corporations acting on their dissapproval of restrictive voting laws.

Seth takes a closer look at the GOP using the power of the state to punish critics and suppress votes as Matt Gaetz’s investigation intensifies.
Seth examines an aspect of the Georgia legislation that hasn't received as much attention, the provisions that make it easier for the state legislators to interfere in the certification of elections, making them easier to overturn. Stop the steal? More like make the steal legal!

Seth then segued seamlessly into GaetzGate, where he more than made up for my complaint about his clip last week.
The one part Meyers didn't make a joke about, even though his sketch included a clip mentioning it, was using Venmo to pay Greenberg, who then passed it on to three young women. Now I can say that Venmo is a 21st Century crime scene.
Bags of cash would have been a lot more secure and anomymous, but no where near as convenient.

Instead of the Venmo transactions, Jimmy Kimmel focused on the parties in a gated community in suburban Orlando for Trump Fanboy Matt Gaetz’s Wild Sex Parties & Bachelor Colton Comes Out.

Former Bachelor Colton Underwood came out on Good Morning America, there were hints along the way, Billy Eichner has proof that he knew it, Trump fanboy Matt Gaetz is having a heck of week after one of his associates told prosecutors that he had encounters with women who were given cash in exchange for sex and that he had wild parties with Republican officials, President Joe Biden and Barack Obama are teaming up for a TV special to convince those hesitant to get the vaccine, scientists in China have discovered what is believed to be the oldest reptile with opposable thumbs, and Bernie Madoff died in prison.
Gaetz and Trump, only the best people.

I'm a paleontologist, so I can't resist commenting on "Monkeydactyl." First, it's a pterosaur, not a dinosaur. Second, its real name is Kunpengopterus antipollicatus. Just the same, it's a really cool discovery.

Thumbs up!

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