Friday, October 1, 2021

Meyers and Colbert take closer looks at Manchin and Sinema

I have good, bad, and ugly news about the federal government. The good news is that it avoided a partial shutdown, as Congress passed and Biden signed a continuing resolution to fund the federal government. The bad news is that the debt ceiling still looms. The ugly news is that both infrastructure bills are being held up by two senators who are saying little or nothing about what they want. Seth Meyers talks about the last topic in last night's Manchin and Sinema Derail Biden's Agenda as Fox Fearmongers About It: A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer look at two centrist Democrats blocking the entire Democratic agenda without saying what they want.
Seth implied it, but I'll come right out and say it: Fox News shouldn't threaten my readers and me with a good time. Also, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema need to state their demands instead of merely grandstanding while obstructing.

Stephen Colbert, who found the humor in using reconciliation to raise the debt ceiling the past two days, expressed relief about the good news, but frustration about the bad and ugly in Let's Not Reward Congress For Doing The Bare Minimum.

Congress passed a bill to fund the government for two more months, but moved no closer to solving the other crises on our hands: raising the debt ceiling and avoiding a catastrophic debt default.
At least Manchin gave a dollar figure. As I wrote in Seth Meyers and James Corden team up for Climate Night, I am "annoyed but not disappointed that Senator Manchin is gumming up the works; I didn't expect any different from him." On the other hand, Kyrsten Sinema Can't Seem To Figure Out What She Wants, which is disappointing; I did expect better out of her.

She truly can't be budged.

I think that's what Sinema really wants, the attention. The rest is secondary.

I'm sure I'll have more on both the debt ceiling and infrastructure. In the meantime, here is a meme I haven't used in ten years.


  1. Glad they are resisting the communist left, doing the right thing and stopping the bill that would ensure the destruction of our nation which is already feeling the effects of communist rule.

    1. "Communist rule" *snork* What passes for the Left in the U.S. is more gauche than sinister and they're in favor of redistribution of income produced by capitalism, not either the workers or government owning the means of production.