Thursday, October 7, 2021

Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah take closer looks at Facebook's bad week

I wrote "Facebook's bad 24 hours will become a bad 48 hours, as Haugen will be testifying before the Senate" in Colbert on Facebook's bad day plus '60 Minutes' whistleblower interview. That has turned into a bad week so far, which Seth Meyers chronicled in Facebook's Disastrous Week, from Whistleblower Bombshell to Global Outage: A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer look at Facebook’s absolutely disastrous week filled with a damning whistleblower interview, an unprecedented outage and a shocking Senate hearing.
While Mark Zuckerberg is right that advertisers say they don't want their ads next to angry or depressing content, Seth is right that all that really matters are eyeballs on the ads. What about consumer boycotts? That only works if the people who don't like the content they dislike can see the ads supporting it. If the algorithms don't show them the offending content and they don't know whose ads appear alongside it, then activists and consumers can't target the advertisers. That's one of the topics discussed in Tristan Harris - Facebook & Rethinking Big Tech | The Daily Show.

Tristan Harris explains why he thinks Facebook’s business model is a threat to democracy, discusses China’s latest tech regulations and shares his hope for technology becoming a force for good in society.
"Democracy plus technology equals a stronger democracy" — I like that goal! Tristan Harris is now officially a fellow Crazy Eddie.

Speaking of which, Harris is one of the subjects of "The Social Dilemma," which won two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Writing for Nonfiction Programming and Outstanding Picture Editing for Nonfiction Programming last month. This week's events might be enough to change my mind about featuring "Ted Lasso" in my next installment of Emmy coverage and look at "The Social Network" instead. Stay tuned.

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