Thursday, December 9, 2021

MSNBC asks if Michigan's Representative Meijer can survive in the GOP after voting to impeach Trump

Yesterday, Nicolle Wallace interviewed Tim Alberta on her MSNBC show to answer the question After Voting To Impeach Trump, Can Rep. Meijer Survive The GOP?

Staff writer for The Atlantic Tim Alberta discusses with Nicolle Wallace his profile of Rep. Peter Meijer, which reports on how he came to decision to vote to impeach Donald Trump and where the Republican Party is heading.
Nearly one year later, the attempted self-coup and Trump's subsequent second impeachment are having lasting effects. One of them might be the loss of Representative Meijer in next year's election, whether in the primary to a more radical Republican candidate or to a Democrat. While I might consider the latter to be an improvement, the former would be bad both for the GOP and the country. It would be further confirmation of what I wrote nine years ago, that the GOP is "an authoritarian movement" and "an undead party in a democratic system."
As Bela Lugosi's Dracula said in the eponymous movie, "There are far worse things awaiting Man than Death." Yeah, and one of them has happened to the GOP.
I had no idea how right I was then and now I wish I hadn't been. Break out the garlic.

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