Friday, December 3, 2021

Colbert on the Supreme Court and Omicron variant

Two months ago, I posted Trevor Noah and Samantha Bee on reproductive rights for today's Women's Marches and Saturday's Women's March for the first Monday in October. Last night, Stephen Colbert featured the reason for the Women's Marches in his monologue, It's Looking Rough For Roe | Tracking Omicron From 'Moronic' To 'No Crimbo'.

That stench emanating from the Supreme Court Is the smell of conservative justices, five of whom were appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote, doing exactly what they were put there to do: restrict access to abortions. Elsewhere, anti-vaxxers have been cooking up wild new pandemic conspiracy theories since the emergence of the Omicron coronavirus variant.
I wish I could say I was surprised by the arguments before the Supreme Court, but I foresaw this coming in last year's John Oliver examines the Supreme Court after 'Last Week Tonight' wins four Emmy Awards.
In addition to all the bad things that can happen to health care, reproductive rights, civil rights, and voting rights as a result of this nomination, Oliver explained how the U.S. got here with an anti-democratic but pro-republican (double meaning intended) governing structure and what can be done to fix it...Expanding the Supreme Court has its risks, but I'm not against it.
"The bad things that can happen to...reproductive rights" are already on their way. This is one of those times I wish I weren't right. As for expanding the courts, the Democrats need a bigger majority in the Senate, one that doesn't count on Manchin and Sinema to pull it off.

That segment, while funny, depressed me. On the other hand, the paranoia about the pandemic in response to the Omicron variant being detected in the U.S. was a lot more amusing. The whole "omicron equals moronic" meme ignores the two words being anagrams of each other for as long as both words have existed with their current spellings in English; it's not anything new. Also, the response to the second case of the Omicron variant in the U.S. being diagnosed in an attended to an anime convention reminds me that I haven't referred to "Dragonball Z" here since Over 9000! That was a little more than nine years ago, and even then I didn't type out the name of the show. There are still new things to write about on this blog.

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