Thursday, December 30, 2021

Vox, TODAY, and ABC News look back at 2021

For the penultimate retrospective of the year about to end, I'm posting this year's edition of Farewell to 2020 from Vox, TODAY, and CBS Sunday Morning on New Year's Eve. As I did last year, I begin with Vox's look back, 2021, in 6 minutes.

Year two of the coronavirus pandemic was filled with vaccines and variants, summer Olympics, joys, and sorrows.
2021 was a year like no other. Vox looks back on the biggest moments that defined an unpredictable year.
Yes, the pandemic was the big story, which is why held off covering it in the year in review until now. For what it's worth, I received my booster shot last Wednesday, keeping my promise to my readers and, more importantly, to my wife.

Like last year, I follow Vox with the Today Show's compilation of the year's top news stories, Look Back At The Biggest Stories of 2021.

The past 12 months saw so many enormous stories, from a new president in the White House, to the ongoing battle against the coronavirus, to a game-changing Summer Olympics. Weekend TODAY recaps how 2021 unfolded.
The natural disasters segment should look familiar, as 2021 in climate and weather from ABC News, NBC News, and WeatherNation showed nearly all those events and much of the same footage.

I close with ABC News, which uploaded A look back at 2021 in 5 minutes an hour before I expect to post this entry.

An insurrection and inauguration happened at the U.S. Capitol, while the death toll from COVID-19 continued to rise.
ABC News mentioned the latest in the billionaire space race, Michael Strahan's trip to space aboard Blue Origin, which Vox and TODAY left out. I'm sure Strahan being one of the hosts of "Good Morning America" has something to do with that. To recycle what I wrote about CNN defending Big Bird, "It's not just news value that's driving it."

Stay tuned for one last retrospective, a combination of Google's Year in Search and YouTube didn't rewind 2020, so WatchMojo did it for them to send off 2021. It's New Year's Eve and I want to throw a party, at least on this blog.

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