Saturday, December 11, 2021

Maddow asks if the filibuster can be waived for the debt ceiling, why can't it be waived for voting rights?

Rachel Maddow asked a very good question at the end of Senate Adds Filibuster Exception For Debt Ceiling. So, What Next?

Rachel Maddow reports on the Senate adding raising the debt ceiling to the existing list of exceptions to the filibuster rule, and wonders why, if it's as simple as that, they have not added an exception for voting rights.
Probably because voting rights are not the emergency that hitting the debt ceiling would be, even though they're a critical chronic issue with our democracy and because, as I wrote nine years ago and repeated the day before yesterday, that the GOP is "an authoritarian movement" and "an undead party in a democratic system." They see no need to expand and protect voting rights for everyone. As long as they prevent a majority of the U.S. Senate from supporting such an exception, it will never pass. Sigh.

Enough reality. Stay tuned for the Sunday entertainment feature. In the meantime, here's a meme for today's post.

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