Thursday, December 23, 2021

Feats of strength in the animal kingdom for Festivus

Happy Festivus! After two years featuring airing of grievances, it's time to return to feats of strength. Watch Strongest Animals for Their Size and Their Abilities from The Infographics Show.

Which animals are the strongest in the wild? Which animal is actually much stronger than the rest based on its size and its abilities? Are these animals the dominant ones, or are they small and often not seen? Today, let's look at Strongest Animals for Their Size and Their Abilities that live on the planet Earth!
First, I'm glad to see this list include humans. We are members of the animal kingdom, after all. Second, the image used for the oribatid mite was of a beetle. Here's what an oribatid mite really looks like.

I can see why the team at Dark Matter Design, the company behind The Infographics Show, could be confused. The mite looks a beetle with an extra pair of legs (mites are arachnids, the class that includes spiders) and Wikipedia even lists "beetle mites" as one of the group's common names, so I'll let it pass.

I conclude with an e-card for today.

Once again, happy Festivus!

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