Friday, December 17, 2021

U.S. passes 800,000 dead from COVID-19, a pandemic update

It's been only 5 weeks since I reported 750,000 dead in U.S. from the pandemic. Monday the 13th proved to be an unlucky day, as Inside Edition reported 800,000 Americans Have Now Died of COVID-19.

America is in the midst of another COVID-19 surge. This weekend, America reached a grim milestone: 800,000 dead from COVID-19. One in 100 older Americans have lost their lives to the virus, with the majority of those being over 65. But many younger people seem to be throwing caution to the wind. In New York and San Francisco, thousands took to the streets for the annual pub crawl known as SantaCon, which was cancelled last year.
It doesn't surprise me that Inside Edition, a syndicated infotainment newsmagazine that is not the hardest news source, framed its report in terms of the pandemic's effects on entertainment. Just the same, Americans care about their entertainment, the core of the report was serious news, and the video description is the most informative I found, so it leads.

CBS Miami has more of the CBS News reporting that Inside Edition used in Total Number Of U.S. COVID Deaths Hits 800,000 for a harder news report.

CBS4’s Naomi Ruchim has the latest.

Yikes! That's serious!

I conclude with ABC News providing commentary and analysis in Total Number Of U.S. COVID Deaths Hits 800,000.

The WHO warned that the omicron variant is spreading at a higher rate than any previous variants and Dr. Simone Wildes discusses the concerns.
I'm going to follow the advice to get a booster shot next week. That way, I can be a good example to my readers in addition to keeping myself healthy and safe. When that happens, I hope my readers follow it.

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