Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Colbert covers the fourth televised January 6th Committee hearing

I concluded World Giraffe Day and National Seashell Day on the Summer Solstice by wondering what I would write about today.
Stay tuned to see whether I follow through on posting about World Rainforest Day or if I decide the January 6th Committee hearings deserve my attention instead.
No surprise, yesterday's hearing wins, so I begin with Stephen Colbert's monologue, T****'s Relentless, Illegal Scheme To Overturn The Election | GOP Candidate Goes RINO Hunting.*

Today the Jan. 6th Committee laid out in shocking detail how the former president's scheme to overturn the 2020 election brought harrowing consequences for the public servants who resisted the pressure to support his lies. Elsewhere, GOP primary voters in Missouri are seeing yet another violent campaign ad from a gun-toting candidate.
I've been the subject of a doxxing campaign before, so I know what one feels like. However, the ones I experienced were not as extensive as the one The Former Guy and his supporters did to the witnesses and their families. Those sounded scary and both Lady Ruby and her daughter sound traumatized by the one directed against them.

As for the scheme itself, Colbert's writers mocked it in last night's cold open Need Fake Electors Fast? Try Fast Earl's Fake Elector Depot.

Fast Earl's Fake Elector Depot does not issue refunds under ANY circumstances.
While played for laughs, this sketch shows how sketchy the fake elector scheme was and what might just happen to at least one of the people behind it. Let's hope.

*Just so I don't completely skip World Rainforest Day, here's National Day Calendar's image for it.

Here's to hoping I write its own post next year, an odd-numbered year, which have been the years I actually give the day my undivided attention.  I also hope National Day Calendar fixes their image by then.  It's World Rainforest Day, not Word Rainforest Day.  Oops.  In the meantime, stay tuned to see if I follow through on National Detroit-Style Pizza Day tomorrow.

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