Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Closer looks at the January 6th Committee hearings from Meyers, Colbert, Kimmel, and Noah

I told my readers to "stay tuned for reactions to the ongoing January 6th Committee hearings" on Flag Day. I begin with Seth Meyers' Blockbuster Jan. 6 Hearing Focuses on Drunk Rudy, Debunks Trump’s Big Lie: A Closer Look.

Seth takes a closer [look] at multiple Trump aides and advisers confirming on tape there was no evidence of Trump’s stolen election lies and Rudy Giuliani getting wasted on election night.
I've been writing about The Former Guy's fondness for conspiracy theories in 2017, so I'm not surprised that he has continued believing them instead of the facts. I am a little surprised that the January 6th Committee connected that to "The Big Lie," itself a conspiracy theory. I guess I shouldn't have been.

Stephen Colbert made Monday's hearings the subject of two monologues. In the first, he told his audience the "Jan 6th Hearings Are Can't-Miss TV" and then asked "How Drunk Was Rudy Giuliani On Election Night?"

The televised hearings of the Jan 6th Committee are proving to be must-see events, in particular the moments when witnesses have been asked to comment on the drinking habits of a certain former mayor of New York City.
Hahaha! Giuliani's double Razzie-winning performance made a cameo!

Stephen and his writers couldn't resist returning to make fun of Giuliani's alleged drinking in last night's monologue, How T**** Duped $250M From His Most Passionate Fans | Somebody's Going To Jail For This Right?

The former president scammed $250 million dollars in low-dollar donations from his most passionate followers for his bogus Election Defense Fund, and only time will tell if the DOJ prosecutes anybody after the Jan. 6th Committee investigation concludes.
Not only did The Former Guy try to steal the election, he apparently defrauded his own supporters. That's crookedness on a scale that would make Richard Nixon blush. Speaking of Nixon, the segments about Watergate deserve their own post. I might get to that tomorrow since today's hearing has been postponed.

Jimmy Kimmel couldn't resist the easy targets either in his monologue, Trump and Drunk Giuliani Cause an Insurrection & Putin’s Got a Poop Suitcase!

On Friday night we conducted a very dumb experiment and asked people to tweet at Steph Curry before halftime saying that he had eaten a bug and a lot of people did, episode two of “CSI Can’t Believe Donald Trump’s Not in Jail Yet” took place in Washington, every reasonable person in Trump’s orbit told him he lost the election, an “apparently inebriated” Rudy Giuliani gave Donny the bone-headed idea to declare victory on election night, we help make the hearings a little more interesting with some filters, former Attorney General Bill Barr said Trump had become “detached from reality,” Andy Biggs of Arizona believes we have bigger chips to fry, Vladimir Putin reportedly travels with a suitcase to poop in, the Tony Awards took place in New York last night, and country music Superstar Luke Combs has managed to turn one of his hobbies into a lucrative endorsement deal.
*Snork* That's a hilarious montage of Giuliani spouting off.

I close with The Daily Show's Jan. 6 Hearings: Trump Cons His Supporters & Gets Advice from Drunk Giuliani, which summed up both of the first two televised hearings.

As part of the January 6th hearings, those close to Donald Trump reveal that the insurrection may have been a coordinated plot by Trump and an inebriated Rudy Giuliani.
Yes, The Former Guy scamming his supporters is predictable. As Trevor Noah said, he's nothing if not consistent.

I'll have more reactions from the next scheduled hearing. Stay tuned.

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