Friday, June 10, 2022

Stephen Colbert's live monologue following the January 6th Committee hearing

I closed Representative Adam Schiff tells Stephen Colbert 'Our Democracy Is Even More Vulnerable Today Than It Was On Jan 6' by telling my readers "I plan on returning tomorrow with clips from Stephen's live show tonight. Stay tuned." Without any further ado, I am sharing Stephen's LIVE MONOLOGUE After The January 6th Committee Primetime Hearing.

Stephen Colbert delivers his LIVE monologue after watching the first night of televised hearings held by the January 6th Committee.
Wow, I suspect that's the foulest-mouthed clip from Colbert I've ever embedded here between Bill Barr calling "The Big Lie" "bullshit," which it is, and Colbert observing it was a bittersweet day for The Former Guy as "Ivanka finally screwed him." I guess Standards and Practices decided both were acceptable and wouldn't get the show in trouble with the FCC. I hope they're right.

Stephen's monologue didn't open the episode. The Muppets Introduce "The Jan. 6th Show" did.

Kermit and the gang open the curtain on the January 6th Committee's first primetime hearing.
Hahahahaha! Perfect!

Follow over the jump for a bonus cold open from "The Late Show" and a Closer Look from Seth Meyers.

First, the cold open from Tuesday night's show, CBS Has A New Smash Hit Sitcom: The Insurrectionists.

Who knows how this not-so-star-studded cast will get along!
Not so star-studded? Hey, Rudy Giuliani won two Razzies!

Speaking of Giuliani, Seth Meyers included him in Audio of Kevin McCarthy, Texts From Fox News Hosts About Jan. 6 Revealed: A Closer Look as a surprise cameo.

Seth takes a closer look at Republicans changing their tune to appease Trump after phone call audio emerged of GOP House leader Kevin McCarthy calling for an investigation into what happened on January 6 just days after the insurrection.
This video is a perfect opportunity to remind my readers that "my nickname for McCarthy is Pickled Tongue after a menu item at the leading Basque restaurant in his home town, a place I know, having lived there, too."

There will be more televised hearings and I plan on covering them. Stay tuned.

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