Sunday, May 18, 2014

Discovery News on the banana crisis

Discovery News provided an update to Student sustainability video festival 15: 'The Top Banana' trailer, when I wrote the following.
Time for another video presented by a student.  This one addresses a point I make every semester, about how the dessert bananas people eat are threatened by fungus because of the unintended effects of growing monocultures of clones.
Here are Trace and Tara, answering the question Why Are Bananas Going Extinct?

A new fungus called Panama Disease Tropical Race 4 is threatening to eliminate all the Cavendish bananas! Why is this a big deal, and are we able save this delicious fruit? Watch as Trace and Tara discuss this growing concern.
Now I have my choice of two videos to show to my students this semester when I lecture on this topic.  The trailer for "The Top Banana" is more fun, but the Discovery News one is more informative.  I think I'll show both and see which one works better.

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