Saturday, November 30, 2019

WDIV and WXYZ celebrate Small Business Saturday in Metro Detroit

Once again, Happy Small Business Saturday, a day I've been observing since 2011, the first year of this blog!  As I wrote earlier today in Shop Small as Seth Meyers, the Small Business Adminstration, and Yahoo! Finance all celebrate the 10th Small Business Saturday, "I'm not done with Small Business Saturday.  Stay tuned for an entry about local businesses here in Metro Detroit."  WDIV provides an excellent overview of the National Day in Small Business Saturday: Where to shop local around Metro Detroit.

Small Business Saturday was an idea created by the credit card giant American Express in 2010. The campaign was launched in order to help small businesses gain additional exposure and to change the way consumers shop within their own community during the holiday season.
That's the big picture here in southeast Michigan.  For a series of close-ups, follow over the jump as WXYZ invites local businesses into their studio and also goes on location.

WXYZ began its coverage of Small Business Saturday by featuring my former neighbors, the owner-operators of Poesy, into the studio for Support local on Small Business Saturday.

As I wrote in the comments to the video, "I'm glad to see Poesy succeeding and featured here. I used to live a few doors down from their old store on Rochester Road."

With Syma Chowdhury in the studio, WXYZ went on location in Wyandotte for a series of reports all titled "Find places to shop in metro Detroit on Small Business Saturday."  Here's Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

I'm glad WXYZ a restaurant in its survey of local businesses.

WXYZ concluded the series with a visit to a clothing store for Part 4.

Syma mentioned "steals and deals."  That came from the final clip I'm sharing today, Steals and deals this weekend.

I included this not only because one of the other clips mentioned its title, but because the interviewee mentioned Small Business Saturday.

With that, I'm done with both Small Business Saturday and the month of November.  Stay tuned for the first post of December and remember to shop small and local!


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