Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An appropriate news story for Talk Like a Pirate Day

The Pirate Party first began in Sweden. However, soon the international pirate party movement took off. The German Pirate Party won 8.5% of the vote in Sunday's Berlin state elections, winning its first seats in the state legislature. The SDP and German Green party did well and will probably form a coalition, but the Pirate Party will add a new voice to German politics. The party's platform calls for the decriminalization of downloading, free internet in cities and the legalization of marijuana. It's not the first wacky party to make a splash in Europe. Jon Gnarr became Mayor of Reykjavic on promises of open corruption and a polar bear.
I know it's no longer Talk Like a Pirate Day here, but it still is everywhere between Denver and the International Date Line. That written, not all pirates say ARRR!

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