Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Republican base is becoming an issue

Something to watch from Next Media Animation while I'm preparing Silly Sustainability Saturday.

The GOP primary debates give the candidates a chance to become known to the public. The forums have revealed much about the Republican base as well.

For the GOP's extreme, it seems there is no room for nuance between policy and principle. Will the audience outbursts alienate the rest of America?

In a way, the insensitive and intolerant audience outbursts are just an amplification of the insensitive and intolerant positions of the candidates.

Yet at least one GOP candidate has held his ground. His positions might not be popular with the base, but they are sure to look good with a wider constituency.

Yet one wonders: is there any limit to what the GOP primary debate audience will cheer or boo?

The GOP hope to take America forward. But as the candidates pander to their base, they risk making the Republicans look like a party of the past.
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