Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sustainability video news linkspam from WXYZ for the week ending September 3, 2011

While yesterday's posts featured sustainablity-related news from WXYZ-TV's YouTube Channel, there was more where that came from. Here are the rest from the past few days.

General Sustainability

D2020 Bus Tour

Enjoy your virtual tour through Detroit, Ground Zero of the Post-Industrial Future. Also enjoy the people watching. This clip shows how bad the image of Detroit has become that people from its own suburbs are so afraid of the place and have to be shown the reality to stop being so fearful. Just the same, the tour had a positive effect, as Mary Welden wrote in the comments:
Being invited by Channel 7 Producer Glen Barr was appreciated as I now have a? much different outlook on the positive the Detroit does have to offer. So hopefully by year 2020, Detroit will be a better place to live, play and visit.

More D2020 Bus Tour

As I keep saying, great things are happening here, and I wouldn't miss them for the world!

More about what's happening at the intersections among environment, society, and economy, but mostly economy, after the jump.

General Economy

The city of Detroit announces plans to develop the Uniroyal site.

Cleaning up an environmental eyesore so that it can once again become economically useful is sustainable development I can get behind. An earlier report has more details.

In other economic news, the UAW is negotiating new contracts with the Big Three auto manufacturers.

UAW talks the possibility of new buyouts during this new round of contract talks.
In Meta: More meditations on sustainability, I introduced the following sustainability logo.


Note that workers' rights form part of the overlap between a viable economy and a just society.


CFL light bulbs are getting better. Here are the test results.

Better energy efficiency while using less mercury--that's a good combination.


The new law that means every item doesn't have to be marked with a price is now in effect.
I'm not very thrilled about the new pricing law, but as long as the price is somewhere on the shelf, I'll be OK.

Now, for something more positive, a local business working to bring groceries to Detroit's food desert.

A Troy fresh food delivery service is now offering service in the city of Detroit.


Proposed people mover rate hikes

I've never been impressed by the People Mover. As an expatriate Angelino, I always associate it with the Disneyland ride of the same name.

Now for a transportation program I'm more positive about--Zipcar.

The car sharing program Zipcar has come to Wayne State University.


Finally, here's an item that brings this linkspam full circle--speed traps in Livonia.

Livonia the worst city for speed traps?

I got caught in a traffic enforcement zone in Livonia once, so I'm not surprised. However, the town around here that has the worst reputation was Allen Park. I was caught there once, too, but the experience was much more painless than in Livonia.

And that's it for this linkspam. Now to find some stories that illustrate the lighter side of sustainability.

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