Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More on damage from Saturday's storm

Yesterday, a friend responded to the Facebook link to my previous post on the Saturday's storm with a comment that the power was still out in her neighborhood and that it had suffered damage like she'd never seen before. She was surprised that there was no tornado reported.* That made me look again at WXYZ-TV's YouTube Channel to see what they had reported.

First, storm damage not only to trees and power lines, but also to a gas line. That's something I'd never seen before.

Detroit neighborhood hit hard

That house in Detroit that caught fire appears in this next clip. Not only were the power and gas lines damaged, so was the water main.

Thousands of people are still cleaning up after fast-moving storms rolled through our area this holiday weekend.
Based on how bad that story is, the residents of that house are lucky to be unhurt and their neighbors are lucky that they didn't lose their homes as well.

Neither of those stories were from where my Facebook friend lives. The next three are.

Ferndale cancels first day of school

Yeah, that's a mess. Here's more.

Power outages have caused Ferndale schools to close for the day.

Oak Park is next door to Ferndale, and residents on the border between the two towns are still without power.

4 days and no power

It's just as bad as my friend reported.

*Another friend shared that link to his Wall with the comment that he was glad that the rain forecast for his location didn't materialize (he lives in a double wide in the California desert).

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