Friday, September 16, 2011

Storefronts: Open and closed, mostly closed

I drove down Main Street in Royal Oak and then up Woodward to Bloomfield Hills this afternoon, so I was able to follow up with my own eyes on the subjects of the previous two entries, as well as the subject of an even earlier entry.

First, the three stores that have been closed since last Saturday are still closed. Either the structural engineers haven't been able to see the locations yet or they got a negative report.

Next, the Ann Arbor Borders wasn't the only one closed for the last time. The one in Birmingham appeared completely empty. Even the going out of business signs had disappeared.

Finally, I also drove past the Kroger in Birmingham. As I did, I thought of the plan for the Kroger in Royal Oak that was turned down. A site plan like Birmingham's would have been approved.

I have more to write, but I want to watch Real Time. See you all later!

UPDATE: Hermann's Bakery is open again

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