Friday, September 30, 2011

Narb and Chris Christie on Jersey Shore and Carl Sagan

Narb left the following Valentine for Snooki in the comments to A macro about cultural decay.

That's very geeky, Narb. I approve.

On the other hand, Chris Christie didn't approve, as the following video from Next Media Animation shows.

NJ Governor Chris Christie has been crusading against the MTV show 'Jersey Shore.' He thinks it hurts his state's image.

Now Christie is denying the show a hefty $420,000 tax credit.

Meanwhile, the company that produces 'Law & Order: SVU' will be credited $9 million. Are blood and guts less offensive than guidos?

The snub won't bankrupt 'Jersey Shore.' The show has enough cash to pay its cast upwards of 100 grand per episode.

Still, Christie looks like a cultural hero. Will he run for president 2012
on an anti-guido platform?
I think the answer to that last question is no. He's not running and if he ran on that platform, Rudy Giuliani would never endorse him.

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