Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A macro about cultural decay

Remember, one of the subjects of this blog is cultural collapse.

Hat/tip to peristaltor on LiveJournal.

I'd write the macro as "If you don't know who this is, but know who this is, you're part of the problem," but what do I know about writing? I just am a former journalist and English teacher (yes, really).  Besides, I shouldn't look a gift macro horse in the mouth.

Speaking of Jersey Shore being part of the problem, Bill Maher Uses The Situation To Destroy The GOP’s Job Creators Meme.


  1. Narb has no idea who the cosmic geek from Jersey is, but he thinks that Jersey girl Snooki looks hot in that photo! Narb wants to send her a Valentine!

  2. *Snort*

    Thanks for teaching me something I didn't know about Carl Sagan--that he shares graduating from a New Jersey high school with Snooki Polizzi. Also, that's a nice Valentine's card. I'll be sure to use it in a follow-up.