Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tell me now, which deity do the Dominionists really worship?

In the middle of this week's missive of doom, Kunstler inserted this passage about being in Mexico City and visiting the Pyramid of the Sun in the old Aztec city. It made quite an impression on him.
I was in Mexico City mid-week and sojourned behind the Zocolo at the ruins of the Templo Mayor, headquarters of the New World's champion people-eater, Huitzilopochtli, a bad-ass muthafucka of a god if ever there was one. The Aztecs had everything going for them except their reality, at the center of which was this bloodthirsty hallucinated monster demanding fresh beating hearts by the hundred-weight. And so, consumed by this insane myth, a half a million of them allowed themselves to be destroyed by three hundred adventurers from Spain.

Strange to relate, the environs of the ruined pyramid was the most tranquil spot in the entire super-gigantic permanent catastrophe of Mexico City. Old Huitzee would like these times, I thought: a bad moon rising and plenty of fresh meat everywhere. The way the stars were lining up, a pitiless deity could really get his mojo on. It made my skin crawl, I hardly know where to start this week.
I decided to tie his insight with what he wrote about Perry the week before, dropping one of the freakier ideas about who Dominionists really worship in my response for good measure.
Remember last week's comment about Ponzi Perry's being a Dominionist? A friend of mine has a wild hair of an idea that ties that idea together with your comments about Huitzilopochtli. My buddy thinks that while the Dominionists think they're worshiping Yahweh, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, they've been hoodwinked, and Huitzilopochtli and a couple of his buddies from the Aztec pantheon are receiving the Dominionists' devotion instead. That could explain why the biggest applause line of the night during last week's Republican debate was when Ponzi Perry mentioned executing more prisoners than any other sitting governor. It was the kind of sacrifice the deity they really worship would approve of. Jesus, not so much.
That's a very strange idea, but one that received another example in support of it last night.

Nebris, who comments in this blog occasionally, posted the following in his Dreamwidth.

AmericaBlog: Tea party crowd about sick man without insurance: "Let him die"
The largest audience cheers in the Republican presidential debate came when Wolf Blitzer asked Ron Paul whether he wanted an uninsured 30 year old with a treatable disease to die because he didn't have health insurance. You can hear the crowd shout, "let him die." (video provided by ThinkProgress)
If I were a believer, I'd say that Jesus wept, while Huitzilopochtli most likely approves.

Post adapted from My response to Nebris's post, which included the following paragraph in addition to the above.
Remember when I made the prediction that the GOP would become more openly fascist, and you and at least one of your readers on your LJ snickered at the idea that the Republican could be more fascist? Between cheering Perry for his record number of executions among sitting governors and this moment, the GOP is showing that it has become more openly fascist since then. The bloodthirsty mobs that started showing up at Palin's campaign appearances in 2008 have been taking over the party and are now its base.
Remember that while this blog is about "sustainability with a science fiction slant and a Detroit perspective," it's also about collapse, what could cause it, and how to avoid it. The corn pone fascists in the audience are not directly a cause of collapse, but they just might speed it along.


  1. Very insightful and potentially controversial posting!

    While Narb is outside of mainstream Christianity (Narb is techno-neo-pagan who believes that the gods of the Ancient Greeks are orbiting the earth in stealthy spacecraft), it's pretty obvious to me that many of the current crop of Dominionists and Dominionist wannabees were not paying a lot of attention in Sunday school when they were little.

    Considering the kinds of audiences they attract, Narb is seeing little difference between the Dominionists and Oakland Raiders.

    1. The difference between the Dominionists and the Oakland Raiders fans is that the Raiders fans know they're assholes, and they're proud of it. The Dominionists are in complete denial about their state. And, yes, they weren't paying any attention in Sunday School when it came to the actual teachings of Jesus.

  2. Your pal Gwen is desperate to justify her participation in The System: http://the-recession.livejournal.com/834714.html

    1. That woman is severely conflicted between her economic and social values and it shows.

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    1. I don't know if I would even let your comment remain on an entry about sex, porn spambot. Deleted.