Friday, January 4, 2013 article on belief in diet vs. exercise

In the entry describing this month's Nablopomo theme, the first item I listed explaining how I planned to explore the idea of energy was "about how many calories of food I metabolize."  The very first article I wrote for in 2013 addressed exactly that topic in the context of dieting.

Those who believe that diet is more important than exercise for losing weight weigh less than those who believe the reverse.
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U of M study: concentrating on diet more effective than exercise for weight loss
If you are one of the many people whose New Years resolution is to lose weight, ask yourself which you believe to be more important, diet or exercise.

This is not an idle or trick question.  The answer is important to your success.

In a study submitted to the journal Psychological Science, those who believe that diet is more important weigh less than those who subscribe to exercise being more important.

"The greater the extent to which you believe it is diet, the thinner you are on average," said Brent McFerran, a marketing professor at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business, in a press release issued January 2nd.
Quotes and details on the study along with a video about balancing diet and exercise at the link.

And, yes, one of my New Years resolutions is to lose weight.  My goal was originally at least 20 pounds.  Then I weighed myself yesterday.  The goal is now at least 30 pounds.  Wish me luck!

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