Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Michigan football players as biodiversity tourists

In my report about UCLA football players visiting the San Diego Zoo and Sea World, I made the following comments about the University of Michigan's bowl game.
Here's to hoping that Michigan does better against South Carolina in the Outback Bowl next week.  MGoBlue has already posted a video of their trip to Tampa.  They've already visited a children's hospital, something UCLA also did in San Diego.  If they visit Busch Gardens, I'll let you know.
They did, and the Detroit Free Press has a video of them feeding the giraffes there.
The Michigan football team visited Busch Gardens on Saturday, days before the Outback Bowl. Here, a few players feed a giraffe.
The players seem to be both interacting with the animals and learning something about them, a combination I'm not sure the UCLA players achieved.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to copy the correct code to embed it, so it has to be watched at the Free Press's site.  The one that does embed, and which the Free Press featured about the visit, is this one.

Video: U-M's Lewan, Gibbons show off dance moves at Busch Gardens

The Wolverines visited Busch Gardens today as they get ready for Tuesday's Outback Bowl. A couple of teammates partnered up to learn some belly dancing moves at the park.
Sex sells.  Also, I wonder what their girlfriends think of this.

As for the game, U of M lost to South Carolina 33-28 with 11 seconds left.  I can say they were better than UCLA; at least they were in the game right up to the very end!

I'm now 0-2 with my alma maters in bowl games with none left.  Here's to hoping my wife's alma maters, Wisconsin and Northern Illinois University, do better in their games later today!

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