Friday, January 11, 2013

March 2012 tornadoes from Accuweather and WXYZ

As I wrote in 2012 warmest year on record for contiguous U.S., Accuweather has a series of videos about the year's extreme weather on its YouTube Channel.  I promised to post more when I had more energy.  Well, I think I have enough to follow through on the videos summarizing the weather events I blogged about last year.  Tonight, I'm continuing with the March Tornado outbreak.

A rare early season tornado outbreak ripped across the Ohio Valley, Tennessee Valley and Gulf Coast March 2 and 3, 2012. AccuWeather Meteorologist Justin Povick has the details.
Stictly speaking, I didn't write about this particular outbreak but I did describe two days of tornadoes in March in Tornadoes overnight in Michigan and Michigan Tornadoes on the Ides of March, which happened less than two weeks later.  WXYZ has posted a compilation video of their coverage of the event.

March 16th Tornado Coverage

I'll continue with more videos about 2012's extreme weather tomorrow.

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